RoamWiFi is the Subcompany of China IT leader---Ultrapower, the Listed Company established in 2001(stock code 300002), national telecommunication and IT infrastructure service provider, full state-ownership and an exceptionally solid balance sheet. RoamWiFi is the right partner for long-term WiFi Service deployments.

With 16 years experience of telecommunication technology, 11 years experience in Virtual SIM card technology developing, product and service cover in up to 100 countries, RoamWiFi is a Tier 1 Global Company providing high level WiFi devices and Internet Services to worldwide distributors and end users. With close cooperation with global leading telecommunication operators, a positive, accessible and welcoming Government and regulatory framework, RoamWiFi has a unique positioning to offer high level quality products and services and at an extremely competitive price.

Due to the efficient company size, optimized working processes and an experienced technical architecture team, RoamWiFi offers WiFi devices, services and bespoke solutions covering your unique needs in record time with the personal touch.